Aucklanders Buy Beer With Nav Coin

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Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December to announce their feature roadmap for 2017. The first 50 people to arrive were given 500 free NAV to spend over the bar with Nav’s new merchant gateway.

Nav was added to the merchant gateway coinpayments on the 21st of November and set up an online shop where you can buy branded t shirts and hat with NAV andpurchase bundles of Nav using PayPal. Merchants around the world have already come forward to accept Nav in their online stores including DrApis raw honey in Portugal. The above board merchants confirm Nav’s growing reputation as a legitimately used anonymous currency.

On wednesday night at Dogs Bollocks Pub in Auckland the purchasing was all about beer and Nachos. The transactions were handled through

Craig macgregor gave a presentation on the basics of Bitcoin, Nav Coin, NavTech, and the 2017 road map for Nav coin. He announced that NavTech would be decentralised on the 21st of December to a large cheer from the audience, and livestreamed next years road map to an international audience. The biggest news from the event was the announcement that Nav Coin is officially partnering with cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. In what is undoubtedly a world first, Changelly and Nav Coin will combine their strengths to create a service to anonymize all cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform  called ‘NAVTech Polymorph.’

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