Bloktex Malaysia Conference Round Up

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Our Lead Developer Craig MacGregor has attended the Bloktex Conference in Kuala Lumpur this weekend and has delivered his presentation on the technology inside private cryptocurrencies.

The presentation was well received by the audience and the conference as a whole has been a great success. There were many other great speakers talking about their area of expertise and showcasing their products.

As well as giving the presentation, this was an opportunity for Craig to network with other industry leaders and build connections for Nav Coin from Malaysia and around the world. In this regard the conference was also a success, he has made some great connections which look to be promising partners for Nav Coin who will enable us provide even better supporting services to you.

Craig will be recording a webcast of the presentation in the coming weeks and publishing it to YouTube to help educate everyone on the different methods used by the leading cryptocurrencies to send private payments.

Craig returns from Kuala Lumpur this Friday 14 April and will be back to regular availability from then onwards.

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