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It’s time for our weekly update and we have some more great news for you this week. We are really starting to gather some momentum as we work towards some of our goals and also add some new capabilities to the team.

We are also aware of the syncing issues that everyone is having with the latest wallet and we are working to resolve that issue.

Dedicated Nav Coin Community Site

We have put together a community site dedicated to Nav Coin with the main feature being the forum. The main advantage is having topics split up so information is easier to find. With a 1000+ page long thread here the useful information gets quickly buried. It also has much better capabilities than bitcointalk and should enable everyone to submit richer post content.

There is also a chat room, calendar and staff directory.

From today onwards, our official forum is going to be our main forum for information, news, troubleshooting etc.. so please sign up and head on over there. Don’t forget we are also available on Slack, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook too.

Craig MacGregor speaking at AML Summit

Craig MacGregor has been asked to speak amongst International Keynote Speakers and local industry leaders at a financial consultancy summit in Auckland, New Zealand. There he will be educating local financial industry members on the benefits of blockchain technology and will be acting as an ambassador to promote Nav Coin.

The conference takes place on the 9th of March 2017. Registration is now open.

New Team Members

Michael Douranos, Victor Jones & David Quick.

Michael is coming onboard as our latest Community Manager. He has worked alongside Petros in the past and together they have a proven track record to create brand awareness and help communities grow.

Victor is a Senior Software Developer from Auckland and is a talented developer. He is coming on board firstly to help finish the unit testing and optimization of NavTech and then is going to review and analyze the system to give his recommendations on improvements.

David is a Senior Interactive Designer also from Auckland. He is going to firstly help us bring a fresh design to the Nav Coin website focusing on User Experience and Search Engine Optimization.

Our team is growing quite nicely, we now have 11 members. You can keep up to date with our team on the website

We are still looking for more intermediate – senior developers to come onboard and help with our development projects. Primary required skills are Javascript or C++ (or both). For now the pay is modest but we are looking at ways to raise some venture capital and the positions will hopefully turn into contract work at industry rates.

Contact us if you think you fit the bill!

Nav Coin Core Upgrade

Craig, Soopy and Alex are working to get the Nav Coin Core up to date with the Bitcoin 13.0 source. This will increase Nav Coin’s stability, capabilities and ability to integrate with other services. By updating to 13.0 we will get some great technical benefits including the capability to have a Nav Coin Insight API and Segregated Witness.

With the advent of the Insight API we will be able to be added to many more platforms including the KeepKey hardware wallet and various credit card issuers.

This project has been given priority for our core team because it is currently blocking some of the other projects we want to start.

Copay Fork

Once we have upgraded the Nav Core to reflect Bitcoin 13.0 we will begin work on forking Bitpay’s Copay wallet for use with Nav Coin. It is a great javascript based wallet that is capable of being a full node. It is capable of running on Android, iOS and as a Web Wallet on any Desktop.

We have consolidated some of our existing projects for mobile wallets under this banner as it has proven to be the best way to move forward.

The current Web Wallet project remains and we are still hopeful to get this out to you all soon. Our third party contractor is having some delays with the project. I will let you know more information as it comes available.


We have also updated the website with the latest projects:

That is our report for the week. Lots going on, lots of momentum building. See you all on the new forum!

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