Nav Coin Attains Dedicated Tor® Nodes

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Nav Coin has announced its users now have access to dedicated Tor nodes. This added feature gives users the option to mask their IP address while connecting to the Nav Coin network, offering an extra layer of protection for its users who value the ability to make anonymous transactions.

The cryptocurrency has built an active community of users on, and one of these users, known on the forum as BitcoinFX, created the Tor service.

“As cryptocurrencies are built around a public network, in theory, it’s possible for third parties to see which IP addresses are connected to the network at any given time. This means third parties could try to infer who owns a particular wallet, or at least the location from where a user was broadcasting. Connecting your Nav Coin wallet through the Tor network, hides your IP address from the public record and stops this metadata inference from occurring. “ said Nav Coin Developer Craig MacGregor.

To access the new feature, users will just have to download and install the Tor Browser Bundle or Tor Expert (Standalone) Bundle and follow a few simple steps.

“With this new configuration, users would be syncing the blockchain, and sending and receiving coins all through the Tor network rather than over the regular internet. Although overkill for your average user, with this new configuration you could use your wallet safe in the knowledge that your IP address is hidden from public view.”

– Craig MacGregor.

The Team behind the popular cryptocurrency has created a stir in recent months with its release of the World’s First X13 Mobile Wallet. With this lightweight wallet and a host of new features in the pipeline, the future is looking extremely favorable for the Nav and its investors. Rolling out soon is an iOS version of the mobile wallet, a thin client for desktop and a raspberry pi staking unit. The Team is also close to two very large payoffs. The decentralization of their anonymous network, and their third groundbreaking advance in the crypto world: ANONYMOUS TRANSACTIONS FROM A MOBILE WALLET.

To download the Nav Coin wallet go to or visit the Google Play Store

You can purchase NAV through any of the exchanges listed here

For instruction on how to download and use a Nav Coin wallet and any information on new features, go to

For instructions on using the Tor enabled service visit

“This product is produced independently from the Tor® anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.”

“Tor” and the “Onion Logo” are registered trademarks of The Tor Project, Inc.

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