Nav Coin announces their decentralized anonymous system

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Nav Coin development team announced today that Nav Coin’s anonymous transaction system will no longer rely on one centralized API. The centralized system, including a group or privatized servers, is excellent for keep the anonymous transactions secure. However the Nav team believes the use of a centralized API to be counter to the democratic safeguard at the core of block chain technology.

The Nav team released a white paper on their website detailing their plan to write the API service into the Nav source code. Each anonymous server will become autonomous, and distribute the API peer to peer with the Nav Wallet.

It will be the second time the Nav team has revolutionized the use of block chain technology.

They invented the use of a sub chain transaction system to transfer currency with total anonymity. The feature, which is a check box option in the Nav wallet, went live in March this year, making it the world’s first fully anonymous payment system and the only truly anonymous coin on the crypto market.

This move will confirm Nav as world leaders in Crypto currency technology.

New Zealand based developer Craig Macgregor said that he is very excited about the way this could change the use of the block chain technology in future. He has increased the Nav development team to included fellow developer Paul Headington in order to complete the project as quickly as possible. Paul has been a developer for 15 years and previously worked with the Nav team to complete their successful anonymous transaction system.

The new decentralized API system will benefit its users in many ways: It will provide safety, security and stability to its anonymous network; it will reduce the human workload involved to put new servers online to almost zero; They will be invested in a coin that is leading not following the direction of crypto currency.

Read the Decentralization White Paper

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