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The NAV Coin team and NAV community are happy to announce a new merchant gateway integration. 77,000 and growing, online and offline retailers now have the option to use NAV Coin as a payment method. This has been made possible by and their retail partners who allowed the public to vote for NAV Coin to join the payment processing platform.

CoinPayments are at the cutting edge of this exciting frontier and have opened up a vast range of new spending avenues for people interested in cryptocurrency. Online decentralized marketplaces are exploding in popularity, and NAV Coin with its super fast speeds and anonymous transactions is the perfect digital currency for this new generation of e-commerce.

Using the mobile NAV Coin wallet, you can make in-store purchases using your phone or tablet at all retail partner locations. Online purchases can be made with any wallet of your choice, at your convenience. Users also have the option to purchase from online merchants with complete anonymity by using the NAVTech wallet and dedicated Nav Coin Tor nodes.

For a full list of supported stores, please visit the CoinPayments store directory ( If you’re looking to add NAV Coin as a payment method for your store(s), you can do so by going to the merchant tools page (, and then letting your users know that your store now accepts NAV.

As more people learn about why NAV is important, both inside and outside the Fintech industry, more people will be willing to use it for everyday purchases. With this new merchant integration, new and existing NAV Coin users will be able to benefit from the large selection of sellers now available. Please try using NAV Coin and let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your overall experience.

This year was a great year for Nav Coin, however, there’s more to come in the following months. Here’s what we have planned for the coming weeks.

Official NAV Web Wallet: 95% Complete

An X13 capable, custom Electrum server that can create fully-qualified wallets, and will be released with self-hosting options along with integration services.

Raspberry-Pi: 95% Complete

This touch-screen staking unit offers a wallet address setup, a balance viewer, and some transfer options.

Decentralization Implementation: 95% Complete

The new architecture allows NAVTech servers to operate in trusted clusters and form their own private mesh network of processing servers which anyone will be able to run and earn rewards from.

Thanks for reading and please visit to learn more about the Nav Coin network.

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