Nav Coin’s new lite wallet

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If you were to tell your friends that now is a really good time to own Nav Coin, the steady stream of completed projects would back you up. And having a stake in NAV is now easier than ever.

Currently, Nav Coin owners have three options for storing their rising investments: The Nav Coin desktop wallet for Linux and Windows, the proof of stake online wallet, and a mobile wallet for Android. This week, the Nav Coin Development Team announced the release of a fourth option: a thin client or ‘lite wallet’ for NAV, running on the Nav Foundation’s Electrum server. This will also mark the release of Nav coin’s first apple wallet, with the lite wallet being compatible with linux, windows and MacOSX.

Thin client wallet software does not operate as a P2P network node, or download the entire blockchain. Instead, it tracks Nav Coin transactions by querying a single peer server on the Nav Coin network, only for the transactions that involve the addresses in its wallet. This functionality is known as Simple Payment Verification (SPV). Because it’s not downloading the blockchain, a thin client is more efficient in terms of disk space storage, bandwidth, and the time it takes to verify transactions.


Nav Coin’s mobile wallet runs using the same Electrum Server

‘Our thin client will be really great for the average crypto enthusiast, who doesn’t want their computer’s resources monopolised by their investments. We want to give our investors as many options as possible, so that they can use Nav Coin on their favourite devices at their convenience.’  – Nav Foundation

You can download a NAV thin client wallet for Linux, windows and MacOSX.

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