Nav Coin’s PayPal Purchasing System

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NAV can now be bought quickly and easily with any fiat currency through PayPal. This option is ideal for non-technical investors who don’t want to sign up for a trading account. 

We have been working hard to make Nav Coin more accessible, bringing users a Euros to NAV purchasing option through LiteBit ( on November 30th and merchant integration via CoinPayments on November 20th.

You can now purchase bundles of either 100 or 1000 NAV, through the new Nav Coin store.

To buy NAV with PayPal first download either our Mobile Wallet for Android ( or thin wallet for Mac or PC ( .  

After installing a Wallet head the Nav Coin store ( and choose an option of either 100 or 1000 Coins.

In the checkout fill in your details and enter your NAV Wallet address into the “additional information” field.

Choose the PayPal option, then “Proceed to PayPal”. You will be given the option to pay with credit card or your PayPal account.

It’s important to note that orders over $20 USD require higher levels of verification. You will need to verify here


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