Nav Coin Developer to speak at cryptocurrency event in Taipei

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One of Nav Coin’s core developers Craig MacGregor will be the guest speaker at a crypto currency event in Taipei this week. The event is taking place at the Shongshan Culture and Creative Park in the Xinyi District of Taipei City.

It’s being hosted by the WOW School of Excellence and Craig will be joined on stage by Professor Dr Tan Seng Huat. Over the course of the day, there will be three lectures starting with the history of fiat currency; how money became decoupled from the gold standard and how that has impacted the global financial markets. Then the topic moves on to the inception of digital currency; how it started, why is grown and where it could be heading. Followed by Craig’s talk on the research and development undertaken by the Nav Coin team as well as future applications of blockchain based technologies.


Lecture hall in the Shongshan Culture and Creative Park

Craig’s talk is highly anticipated by the attendees due to the cutting edge nature of the technology he has helped develop. Nav Coin boasts to be the worlds first truly anonymous cryptocurrency. It’s anonymisation network doesn’t run on a database like traditional web service but is instead powered by a second blockchain called a subchain. This makes Nav Coin not only the worlds first truly anonymous cryptocurrency but also one of the worlds first alternative applications of blockchain technology for something aside from direct monetary transactions.

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