NavPay Beta Sign Up & Marketing Update

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This week we’ve seen a lot of interest in Nav Coin with thousands of new members joining our community channels. We are opening sign up for the Nav Pay Public Beta and our Digital Strategy team are shaping the next wave of content to be released.

Development Update

The Development Team have continued work on two of our most anticipated projects; NavPay Mobile and Polymorph. Polymorph has closed out another sprint completing 3 more user stories. There is still some work to be done before we can release the Beta Version of NavPay, however we have opened sign up for the NavPay Public Beta.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the beta version as soon as it’s publicly available, please sign up to our mailing list here:

The NavPay beta will run in two parts, firstly a closed beta with a smaller test group from the Nav Coin community, followed by the public beta involving everyone who signs up. The version we release to the public beta should be a release candidate version with very few bugs or improvements necessary.

The NavPay Beta will include NavTech Private Payments, making NavPay the world’s first mobile wallet to support anonymous transactions.

Adwords Banners

We’ve been monitoring our banners in the Adwords account and been very impressed at how they are performing. We’ve had 183,758 impressions and 1,951 clicks to the website, which gives us a Click Through Rate of 1.06%. When compared to the industry average, which has CTR’s typically between 0.1%-0.5%, this is considered very good.

New Translations

We’ve also released two new key translations of the website, in Chinese & Dutch, which will help to attract new audiences to Nav Coin. You can see them here:

Branding Workshop

Last Saturday, the marketing team got together to complete a workshop on strategy & branding. The aim of this was to develop a more strategic view of the Nav Coin brand, which will assist us with our day-to-day marketing & the upcoming product releases. The workshop was a huge success, largely due to being assisted by a branding expert who has lead brand strategy for a number of years in large international marketing agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, and Colenso BBDO.

New Upcoming Content

Following the successful release of our article on NavTech, we’ve started drafting up our next article. The aim of this article is to reach a broad crypto audience that might not have heard of Nav Coin before, which should help to grow the community even more. More information on this will be released in the coming weeks.

Huge Community Growth

As we’re sure you’ve realised by now, we’ve seen a huge growth in the community numbers in the previous week. We apologise if we’ve been slow in replying to your emails & messages as we’ve had significantly more to get through, and would like to send a huge thank you to all the community members that have stood up and taken a more active role in welcoming the new members. It’s been much appreciated by the team!

As an example of our growth, last week we thought that getting to 900 Reddit subscribers was a huge achievement, but we have more than doubled this (to 2,224 subscribers) in the week since.

A side effect of this growth has been that we’ve received lots of feedback, and opportunities for partnerships & marketing, so we will make the most of these to help continue this growth we are seeing.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team

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