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It’s been a busy few months for Nav Coin. Let’s grab a cup of tea and take a sum of our latest technological advancements.


Nav Coin Joins Proof Of Stake Wallet

Proof of Stake Wallet (POSWallet) selected Nav Coin to join their online staking service. As well as earning interest through proof of stake rewards, Nav investors gained access to worldwide instant transfers, 1% transaction fees, and extra security.

World’s First X13 Mobile Wallet

On the 25th of July, The Nav Coin team announced the release of the world’s first X13 mobile wallet. The blazing fast wallet utilizes a custom version of Electrum which the Nav Coin team have open-sourced on their GitHub repo at
To promote the launch of the mobile wallet, Nav Coin development lead Craig MacGregor and PR strategist Sophia Lockhart flew to Kuala Lumpur to meet with investment groups. The meeting provided an opportunity for investors to try the mobile wallet and discuss possibilities for merchant integration.


August to September

Dedicated Tor Nodes For Advanced Security

On the 14th of August Nav PR member Mark Sloane announced Nav Coin gained access to dedicated Tor Nodes. A Nav Coin community contributor setup the service to give users the option to mask their IP address while connecting to the Nav Coin Anonymous network. The Tor service provides an extra layer of protection for users who want to make anonymous transactions.

New Cutting Edge Anonymous Network

On the 29th of August developer, Craig MacGregor announced on the Nav Coin Community Forum that the first cut of the new anonymous send system was in the testing stage.

“Everything seems to be working great so far and I have sent a bunch of successful transactions over the test net!”

The anonymous send system, which won Nav Coin the title of world’s first fully anonymous currency was redesigned from the ground up in preparation for the platforms forthcoming decentralization. A media release went out on September the 5th detailing the improvements to the system and laying out Nav’s process of anonymizing transactions.

Simplified diagram of the anonymous system

Simplified diagram of the anonymous system

On the 5th of September Craig announced that he had completed the improvements to the anonymous network.

“I’ve had a very busy week optimising the new anonymous scripts (I was up till 3am last night!!!). I have successfully completed all the improvements which I was hoping to get done before tidying up for deployment to the live environments.”

The re-release of the anonymous network has involved months of near full time development and is set to launch in the next month.

Lite Wallet for Windows and OSX

On the 11th of September, the Nav Coin Team announced the release of their lite wallet. The lite wallet is not only a great piece of technology, it also marks the first Nav Coin wallet for the OSX operating system.


Full Node Wallet For OSX

On the 15th of September the Nav Coin team broke from their weekly updates to make a special announcement.

“We have successfully compiled the full node wallet for Mac OSX and it is available for download now! Big shout out to Soopy for getting this compiled and bundled correctly!

We have two options available; the zip file contains the NavCoin-qt executable which you can run directly, or the dmg file which you can open and drag to your Applications folder.

To get your OSX full node client, please visit our downloads page:
– Craig Macgregor on Bitcoinalk

Coming Up

The Nav Coin Dev Team are working hard towards the relaunch of the anonymous system. Today they have released a demo video of the anonymous system fully functioning in the live environment. This marks the project moving into its final phases of pre-release testing.

With the relaunch completed the Nav Coin team will prepare for decentralization and will focus their efforts on payment gateways and merchant integration. These real world applications of Nav Coin offer countless exciting growth opportunities. A business group in Kuala Lumpur have requested a merchant gateway for Nav Coin. The integration would enable Nav Coin to be used as a payment method for their travel website.

Drink up and crunch on your crypto cereal, now that you are up to date on Nav Coin.


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