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We are very pleased with our testing of the Navtech anon system so far and hope that you enjoyed the live demo we released yesterday! Today we have a very special announcement for you, something you’ve all been waiting for. We are very excited to announce that will be launching the live beta test of the anon network next week!

Navtech Anon Beta

Start Date: Wednesday 28 September 2016


The beta test will run in stages and, ramping up the number of users until we are happy that it is stable for general public use. For the first round we require 10 lucky Nav Coiners who are willing to trial the system and help us to iron out any remaining transaction processing issues.

If you are interested in participating in the private beta, please join us on slack:

If you need an invite to the slack channel, please send your email address to us so we can invite you –, or contact any one of the dev team through I have opened the invites to allow all slack members to send invites, so once you’re in, you can invite your friends!

Once you’re in the slack, please join #navtech-anon-beta

Next Wednesday we will pick 10 lucky people from the channel to help us with the first round of testing and distribute the anon enabled Nav Coin wallet to them and invite them to a private testing slack channel.

The first round of beta test will have low transaction maximums enabled and the server will also be running a lot of debug logging for post analysis. The first round runs for just three days, from Wednesday 28 September to Friday 30 September. If there were no issues reported, we will recruit the second round of applicants to join the group and begin testing with larger amounts of both people and NAV.

If we do discover any issues which need addressing, we will pause between rounds and make the appropriate adjustments to the system before continuing. We don’t expect any major bugs to be found at this stage, so any issues should be cleared reasonably quickly.

All going well, round two participants will join the test group for the second 3 day period running from Sunday 2 October to Tuesday 4 October. From there we will take a quick pause again to comb over the data and make any necessary adjustments.

We will then open the third round of testing to whoever is left wanting to participate, followed by the public launch of the updated wallet for general public use.

I am also near to completing the whitepaper, I plan to publish in the next weekly update so it is available for public consumption while the beta is taking place.

Very exciting times!

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