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It’s time for the weekly update! In parallel to Navtech Decentralisation and the Nav Coin Conference we have been making amazing progress with some other work which I will share with you here.

Nav Coin Conference – 14 December 2016

The planning and promotion of the Nav Coin Conference is starting to ramp up. Our marketing team has been working on a press release which will be issued tomorrow to help spread the news about our live streamed 2017 Road Map Announcement at the event.

I am very excited with what we’re planning to include in the the 2017 Roadmap Announcement so far. I am confident that once you hear what we have in store for Nav you will share my excitement.

Only 8 days to go now, hold onto your hats!


Decentralisation Update

The decentralisation work is going full steam ahead. I am making really good progress with the code. I have finished all the required sending functionality and the last part that I am working on now is the MD5 hash verification module.

If you have been paying attention to the Navtech Network Status page, you will have noticed that one of the servers is in “Development Mode”. I have taken over 1 of the server pairs to test my updates on and I have been successful sending transactions with the updated code.

I am confident that I will have Decentralisation Release Candidate ready to start testing with our beta decentralisers by the end of my next Nav Week. I would say we are still on track to open source the code base before the Christmas Holidays.

Upcoming Articles

I have given two interviews over the weekend and we are expecting two articles published within the next week alongside our press releases for the Conference. One article is going on cointelegraph.es to help educate the Spanish Community more on Nav Coin. Juguelio has been a big proponent of Nav Coin to the Spanish Community and he was a big help to me during the video interview translating the questions and my answers.

The second article will be published on cointelegraph.com and is a comparison article of the various anon cryptocurrencies. We look forward to these and welcome any more writers who want to talk with us about our technology.

Purchase NAV with your Credit Card

Yes, you read that right. You can now buy NAV directly with your Credit Card or Paypal account. I have setup our merchant gateway on the Nav Coin Store to accept paypal transactions and I have posted coin bundles on the store:


To purchase Nav Coin through our online store using Paypal, you will need to complete some level of verification depending on how many coins you wish to purchase. The reason for this inconvenience is that both Credit Cards and Paypal are at high risk of fraud and possible chargebacks. To see the buying limits and get verified for purchases check out the verifications page:


The price is above poloniex market rate, but we are having to pay the paypal fees, foreign exchange fees and crypto exchange fees to close the loop on the trades. We are not aiming to make a profit from this service and we will always keep our prices as close to market rate + replacement cost as possible.

Please note that at present orders are processed manually to make sure you have the correct verification levels. We aim to process your order as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed. If you attempt to order more than your verification level allows, you will need to either verify to the appropriate level or your Paypal account will be issued a refund.

Consider this a working demo with more improvements and automation to come.

NAV T-Shirts & Hats Available to Order

The first run of NAV t-shirts and hats are scheduled for delivery on the 14th of December, just in time for the Nav Coin Conference. With the printing confirmed, I have now opened the products on the store to be available for pre-order.

Please be aware that if you order now, we will be dispatching the products on the 15th. We hope that the products will be with you before Christmas. There are limited quantities in the first run with the second run being in January at the earliest. Get in now so you don’t miss out!



Website Update

I have made some updates to the website again this week. Our top menu now has a “Services” page and our “Tools” menu which was previously just a drop down is now its own page.



One of the reasons for creating the services page was that we didn’t feel like they were really done justice being hidden away in a text drop down menu. There’s only a couple items in there right now; CoinPayments & POSWallet but we are hoping to add to the services menu in the near future.

If you haven’t heard of POSWallet I do recommend checking it out. It’s an online web wallet that allows your POS coins to stake (unlike most thin or web wallets). It is however a 3rd party service, so as with all 3rd party services, we have to dish out our warning to use them at your own risk. From my experience they have been a reliable service thus far.


Wallet Update v3.9.0

Soopy has been busy implementing the new wallet syncing methods and making changes to the dnsseeder to help everyone on the full node wallet get better connections.

The new version of the wallet (3.9.0) is available on our github account if you want to have a sneak preview. We are still finalising the Windows & OSX versions for public release.

There are also still a couple wrinkles we’re ironing out with the dnsseeder but we hope to have that all resolved very shortly.


That is about it from us this week, as you can see another busy week at Nav Coin HQ. We hope you enjoy the update. Keep an eye out for the coming press releases & articles and help us spread the word about the Nav Coin Conference.

Talk Soon,

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