Weekly Update; Decentralisation, Nav Coin Conference

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It’s time for the weekly update! We are tracking well towards our primary goal of decentralising and open sourcing the Navtech Anon Network. I also have some exciting news about a Nav Coin event we are hosting in December!

Decentralisation Update

This week I’ve made some good progress towards decentralising the Navtech Network. I’ve added the capability to enter the Navtech MD5 hash value to the rpc and config protocols in the wallet. You can see the commits for the hash input here: NAV#001-decentralisation

I’ve also got the Navtech JS scripts to successfully minify to one file using webpack. This means the next step is to hash the minified file and send it back with as part of the API request from the wallet to the server and do the comparison in the wallet.

I also want to do some refinement around refilling the NAV Pool on the outgoing server. Beyond that its just general refinements and as always more unit tests! At this point we are on track with my estimates to finish this before Christmas.

Nav Coin Conference – 14 December 2016 – Auckland, New Zealand

We’ve been in contact with some local businesses here in my hometown of Auckland New Zealand and one of the local pubs is wanting to accept Nav Coin via CoinPayments.net as one of their Point of Sale methods. To celebrate our first physical merchant accepting NAV we are going to host New Zealand’s first Nav Coin Conference at the pub on the 14th of December 2016 in Auckland New Zealand.

The full details of the conference will be released tomorrow! I can tell you that it is going to be a great showcase of the Nav Coin Point of Sale offering. It will be a great end of year celebration for the Nav Coin community, we really have come a long way this year. We will also use it as a platform for the development team to announce the roadmap for 2017 and to celebrate the upcoming release of the Decentralised Navtech Network all things going well.

I have bumped the decentralisation progress indicator to 90% on the website: https://navcoin.org/projects

Full Node Wallet Sync Fix

If you’ve been using the full node wallet you will have noticed that it often only gets a few connections and sometimes even no connections. Soopy and Shahim have been working hard to put together a fix for this. The fix consists of two parts; implementation of the i2p protocol and fixing the dns seeder scripts which seed the p2p information to the clients.

The i2p protocol has been implemented into the wallet and they are now looking into fixing the dns seeder. We are hopeful to release a new version of the wallet with these protocol updates in the next few days.

If you want to read more about the i2p protocol, you can do so here: https://geti2p.net/en/comparison/tor

New Merchants accepting Nav Coin

We now have 4 merchants accepting Nav Coin via CoinPayments.net. I have myself purchased a VPN service through Tor Guard with NAV and it all seems to be working great. I have added a page to the website which displays all known merchants who accept Nav Coin. We will attempt to keep this list up to date, but if you know of a business which isn’t on the list please email us and we will add it: admin@navcoin.org.

Nav Coin Merchants

Website Update

I have started to port the Nav Coin website over to use prismic.io as its CMS. It’s a really nifty free form JSON based CMS system which fits perfectly into our use case. Our website is quite bespoke and other options would just take too long to integrate. I have only managed to port a few of the pages over to the new system so far, but I will continue to chip away at it over the next few weeks. Once it is all transitioned the marketing team will take the reigns of the website a bit more and work towards making the content on there amazing.

I have also added an “On Hold” category to the projects listings. This is a category for things which we have started but have put on the back burner while we clear more important tasks from our In Progress list. I figured it was better to be more transparent about what we’re specifically working on rather than having a lot of projects sitting at the same percentages for a long time even though we’ve started on them.

Nav Coin Website

Navtech Bounty

We had some issues with the Navtech bounty page not displaying the correct balances of the bounty wallets. This has been updated and now the correct balances are showing. I have personally donated 1 BTC to the bounty wallet as incentive and as a way for me to put my money where my mouth is. I have also donated to the NAV balance here, rounding it up to 50,000 NAV. So that makes the bounty currently worth approximately 3 BTC in total. You are welcome to add your donations to the bounty program to add incentive for people to help us improve the system.

Remember that the point of bounty systems is not to tear the system down if an issue is found, but to fix the issue and move forward. We are grateful for all the help we received over the beta testing phase and we are optimistic that when we release the code to the public the development community will review the code and make suggestions for improvements which will make it even stronger.

Navtech Bounty

Raspberry Pi and Web Wallet

These have been sitting at 95% on our progress chart for some time now, the main reason being that we have been so busy with core and anon work we had to deprioritise finishing them over other work. I can tell you however that they are indeed very close to being completed. I have just had play on the preview version of the Web Wallet and I do have to say that it is looking great. I am really excited about this and i think it will make a great addition to our family of options.

The Raspberry Pi Staking Unit is currently being blocked by the Full Node Sync Fix. Once the fix is in place it should clear the road to finish the Raspberry Pi unit quite quickly. I am hopeful we will get both of these projects squared away this side of the holidays.


That’s it from the team this week. We hope to have more news about decentralisation, the ambassador programme and the new version of the wallet to you soon.

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