Weekly Update; LiteBit, Obfuscation and more

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We are very busy at Nav Coin HQ working on the wallet and anon scripts preparing them for decentralisation. Despite decentralisation being our focus, we have managed to achieve some other pretty cool things this week.

We have seen a large amount of attention come from last week’s release of the Decentralisation Whitepaper and the Nav Coin Merchandise Store. Our retweets and mentions are going through the roof. On twitter alone we’ve had almost 2000 interactions reaching nearly half a million people since the 14th of November.

Nav Coin Coming to LiteBit

LiteBit offers Euro / Crypto trading pairs and will be Nav Coin’s first addition to a large fiat based exchange. LiteBit has over 25,000 users and also more than 600 merchants using their LitePaid service. As well as the LiteBit exchange, this means NAV will also have its second option for merchant gateway with reconciliation options in BTC and Euro.

Go to LiteBit.eu

As soon as I get the launch date for LiteBit I will let you all know but i would expect it to be a matter of days.

Navtech Metadata Obfuscation

Alongside working on the decentralisation implementation we are always looking for ways to improve our Navtech system. One improvement which has been on my agenda is to find further ways to obfuscate possible metadata inference by state level actors. One part of the solution is to add delta to the Navtech throughput to make it exponentially harder to infer cash in cash out.

I am working on a solution which would allow users to send 1 transaction into the Navtech system with a user specified number of output addresses (1 – 6 NAV Addresses). These output addresses are attached to the incoming transaction in the exact same way as when there was just 1 address specified and it is impossible to tell how many addresses were attached without decrypting the data. The Navtech system would then process the transaction and randomly split the input amount between the addresses which were attached. Because the number of attached addresses is user defined, it makes monitoring the throughput exponentially more arduous.

Watch #NAV002-multi-address-anon on Github

Beyond this delta obfuscation, I would also like to program a feature that continuously sends Navtech Anon transactions through the system to help mask inference during times of low throughput. I am hoping to have these things done by the time we decentralise but decentralisation is the priority and we will continue to release updates after the genie is out of the bottle.

Nav Coin Promotional Videos

Planning is complete and we are now moving into the production phase of our Promotional Videos. The strategy is to produce one main “Introduction to Nav Coin” promotional video followed by 3 or 4 whiteboard style videos to explain the various different technologies and features which make Nav Coin awesome. Our writers, animators and editors will be working hard to complete these as soon as possible. We are hoping to have these ready for release in the lead up to the decentralisation of the Navtech network.

Nav Coin now with Merchant Backing


Shop online with Nav Coin at coinpayments.net

The NAV Coin team and NAV community are happy to announce a new merchant gateway integration. 77,000 and growing, online and offline retailers now have the option to use NAV Coin as a payment method. This has been made possible by CoinPayments.net and their retail partners who allowed the public to vote for NAV Coin to join the payment processing platform.

Read Press Release

Navtech Infographic

Colvano has put together an amazing infographic which helps to visualise how the Navtech System processes transactions. The infographic has been added to our official Nav Coin media kit on github. Feel free to use this infographic or anything from the media kit however you like. If you want to help create some awesome content like this, join us on slack and share your skills!

Get the Infographic

Nav Coin Store

We have received quotes back from our printers to design and print the Nav Coin branded t-shirts. They will be launched at $21.50 USD + shipping. I will get a shipping quote tomorrow and then setup pre-orders for the t-shirts. They take 10 working days to print, so you will be able to lock in your order now and we will dispatch them as soon as they are ready. Moving forward we aim to have them in stock so they will be able to dispatch immediately. I will attempt to do the same with the hats when the quote comes through, so keep your eyes peeled and put in your pre-orders when they are available.

Go to the Nav Coin Store

Nav Coin Projects

We realise that there have been some projects on our list which have been stuck at near complete for quite some time. Right now our primary focus is on the Navtech decentralisation, but we will continue to try and finish these projects and get them released as soon as possible. Soopy and Shahim should come with an update on the status of the syncing issue, raspberry pi and web wallet in the next few days. So please hold tight and watch for their updates.

View Nav Coin Projects

As you can see, we are not letting up on the gas pedal here at Nav Coin HQ. We continue to work hard and bring as many cool things to the table every single week we work on this project. We still have some exciting things up our sleeves leading up to the decentralisation of the Navtech network so stay tuned!

Talk Soon,

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